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The "Death" of Chat Treasure Brings Inspiration to Entrepreneurs Business Email List

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Dressed in the cloak of chat treasure, the bullet text message that re-entered the battlefield ended bleak after all, and Lao Luo, who had high hopes in the social field, still lost. When it comes to Business Email List social products, many people think of WeChat and QQ, many people think of Momo and Tantan, and some people think of Hequ and Fuchat. At the beginning of this year, the social realm was again in the spotlight. On the same day, Zhang Yiming, Luo Yonghao and Wang Xin, three Internet bigwigs, released three social products under their respective banners, namely Business Email List  Duoshan, Chatbao and Toilet MT, which are very popular. Among them, Chatbao has attracted much attention. Before its release, there were frequent negative news about Hammer Technology. Therefore, Lao Luo placed high hopes on Chatbao, hoping to give it a go and turn the tide against the wind.


At the press conference, Lao Luo shouted to WeChat, saying that he wanted to chat with WeChat, and openly challenged WeChat. But who could have guessed that the ending was that Lao Luo was out of the game, and the chat treasure team announced the disbandment. This time, Business Email List Lao Luo's trumpet never sounded again. From the quagmire of the hammer to the disbandment of Chatbao, Lao Luo had to fade out of the public eye as a loser, leaving only his back. Chat treasure prequel On August 20, 2018, at the Hammer Technology conference, an acquaintance social product called Bullet SMS, as a supporting role of the conference, appeared Business Email List  in front of the public for the first time. But no one expected that, with Lao Luo's personal appeal and insight into the pain points of users when using WeChat, bullet text messages, like its name, shot a powerful bullet into the backwater of domestic acquaintances.


There are ripples in the user market and capital market. In less than a week, Kuairu Technology, the parent company of Bullet SMS, successfully completed a high round of financing of 150 million yuan in the A round, and Bullet SMS then occupied the top of the APP Store social Business Email List rankings for 13 consecutive days, and received nearly 8 million within a month. The users of the company have been in the limelight for a while, and everyone expects it to break the long-term monopoly of WeChat in the social field of acquaintances. But the good times didn't last long. The freshness brought by bullet messages to users quickly disappeared, Business Email List  and then the number of active users began to slash in half, and new users could not maintain high-speed and stable growth. The product positioning and functional design direction swayed, and a series of negative problems followed one after another. And to. Once the golden signboard, users can no longer call.